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All About Pointe Shoe Fittings

What to expect, how to know if it's the right shoe for you, and anything else you might want to know!

So, you've been given the go ahead to start pointe work. Or, maybe you've been on pointe for a while but aren't achieving what you or your teacher expect. Either way, a professional, knowledgeable pointe shoe fitting is just what you need. In this blog post, we'll discuss what you should know when walking in to your first pointe shoe fitting, or even a re-fitting.

What to expect:

A good pointe shoe fitting should take between 30 minutes to an hour. Make sure you've allocated enough time. At Empower Dance & Athletic Wear, we like to schedule our pointe shoe fittings so that we can dedicate the needed time to you and your shoes. A pointe shoe fitting has several steps.

  1. The fitter will ask your shoe size and look at your bare feet.

  2. After gathering as much information as possible, she'll grab several pairs to try on.

  3. You'll be given toe pads and spacers (as needed) and asked to slip on the first pair.

  4. The fitter will look at your foot both flat and en pointe to see how the shoe hugs your feet.

  5. She'll ask for your feedback. Give as much description as possible, your shoes won't necessarily be comfortable but they shouldn't hurt. Tell us where the discomfort is and we can make adjustments.

  6. Once you've found the shoe that fits your foot, the fitting is done! Congratulations on your first pair of shoes.

Does pointe hurt?

Ideally, dancing on pointe won't hurt. Yes, your feet may get tired and achy but that will be after dancing for a bit. If you put on a pair of pointe shoes and there's immediate pain, it's the wrong shoe for you. Come see us for a new fitting to find the perfect shoe for you.

What do I need for my new shoes?

For a new pair of pointe shoes, you'll need to purchase a few extra items. These include your ribbons and elastics, both of which are only a few dollars. If it's your first time on pointe, you'll need to purchase toe pads and potentially toe spacers, depending on your foot shape.

Can you do pointe shoe parties?

We would love to do a group fitting if multiple girls from your studio are getting their first shoes. During the party, we'll fit each dancer with her new shoes and teach the dancers how to prepare their shoes for their first class. To keep the party going, we'll have snacks and refreshments for each participant and up to 1 adult for each dancer. We schedule these parties outside of normal business hours to make sure we have the time and space to meet your needs. Please call the store at (239) 541-8653 to make arrangements.

At Empower Dance & Athletic Wear, we're committed to properly fitting every dancer that comes through our doors. Ill fitting shoes can have a detrimental impact on your dancing, or even case injury. We're continually studying and keeping up to date on the latest best practices in pointe shoe fittings and we'd love to play a part in your dance journey.

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